The Ethical Side of PR

Call me crazy but when I go into work, it is because I want to feel that I am contributing to something, and that I am not feeling uptight and anxious in the process.  However the payoff, and relishing in the glory of all the hard work, quickly become worth insurmountable amount of trouble.  Small victories if you will, but the big picture is where all the magic happens… Sure I’d be lying to you if I said that I didn’t enjoy the “meeting of celebrities,” because honestly I really do, but the most important part of PR is the ability to see the positive potential of the future for both us, and the folks who we are working with.  At the end of the day, that should be a primary motivator for those looking to maintain their ethical standards. We all are trying to make our way in the world, so it only fits that a standard of excellence should be mandatory for providing the best relations as a whole.  Aside from the obvious need to fulfill your client’s needs, there is a basic duty to one another to make business arrangements work for everyone involved.  The ability to know that you have a strong support system that will ensure the vitality of your organization is essential to its stability.  Seeing this theory actually come into play proves to be an asset, especially in the field of public relations.  With the daily confusions and constant deadlines we all know are intrinsic to the business, a friendly voice on the other end of a call can really make a difference for that individual on the other end.  Since PR is often “the face” of many companies, its vital to know how your company presents itself and through working passionately but positively.  Now that the groundwork has been fashioned, I can’t wait to see where the road leads.


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